Berkshire Veneer Environmental Statement

A zero carbon footprint may be unobtainable, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try. Every decision we make as consumers has a direct impact on Mother Earth.

Here at Berkshire Veneer, this is what we do to decrease our negative impact on the environment.

Energy and Pollution:

Our 15 kW solar panel array covers 100% of Berkshire Veneer Company’s electrical needs as well as Ben Barrett’s home. Our warehouse lights have motion sensors that shut 50% down when no activity. We have an electric forklift. Zero emissions. Our entire building has radiant heat in the floor, heated by a wood burning, gasification/pyrolysis boiler. We built the warehouse and offices to maximize southern exposure for human benefit and northern windows to minimize the negative impact of solar degradation on the veneer.


We find and use recycled cardboard boxes. Yep. We are dumpster divers. We re-use our steel banding until it’s nothing but crimps, then recycle the scrap. We consider plastic the enemy, and we avoid it at all cost. Everything that can be recycled is recycled. The one bag of garbage we produce every couple of weeks is primarily as a result of receiving plastics from suppliers. Shipping and transportation:

Ben’s commute to work is one mile. For each shipment we weigh the pro/con of shipping volume business via common carrier versus Fedex who comes in every day anyway.


  • We compost.
  • We buy locally.
  • We’re members of the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA).
  • We grow lots of our own food.
  • We’re water-conscious.

Our business depends on the environment, and we do our best to live and work lightly.